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Article: What is "Wool Felt"?

what is wool felt

What is "Wool Felt"?


When we were young, we all used felt fabrics to glue onto papers and make Thanksgiving Turkeys.

But when it comes to clothing, especially fedoras, felt has slightly different meanings, or we say, implications. If some one refers a fedora with 100% Wool Felt. Then it means 2 things:

100% Wool

Fabric is 100% Wool, no synthetic fabrics.


The fabric is NOT woven, but matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. It does not indicate what fabric it uses.  Examples are: Wool Felt, Polyester Felt and Mixed Felt.



So in this case, 100% Wool Felt fedora means the fedora is made from 100% wool as fabric and the wool is nonwoven, but felt treated to introduce a better structure as well as comfort.

wool felt hat

Wool Felt Fedora


Wool felt is cozy, sturdy, and flexible. It's used a lot to make clothes, decor, crafts, and hats. This is an ideal material to make fedoras to wear in winter. The manufacture process require wool felt to be sewn, glued, or cut into different shapes and sizes.

In the last, wool felt comes in different colors and thicknesses. It can be dyed or decorated in creative ways. Check out the huge wool felt fedora collection offered by Suits Outlets.


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