What is "Wool Felt"?


When we were young, we all used felt fabrics to glue onto papers and make Thanksgiving Turkeys.

But when it comes to clothing, especially fedoras, felt has slightly different meanings, or we say, implications. If some one refers a fedora with 100% Wool Felt. Then it means 2 things:

100% Wool

Fabric is 100% Wool, no synthetic fabrics.


The fabric is NOT woven, but matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. It does not indicate what fabric it uses.  Examples are: Wool Felt, Polyester Felt and Mixed Felt.



So in this case, 100% Wool Felt fedora means the fedora is made from 100% wool as fabric and the wool is nonwoven, but felt treated to introduce a better structure as well as comfort.

wool felt hat

Wool Felt Fedora


Wool felt is known for its warmth, durability, and versatility, and it is commonly used in a wide range of applications, including clothing, home decor, crafts, and millinery.

To make wool felt, wool fibers are first washed and carded to remove dirt and debris, and then they are mixed with water and a small amount of soap or detergent. The fibers are then agitated or pounded to create a mat of fibers, which is then pressed and heated to condense the fibers and create the felt fabric. The process of making wool felt is similar to the process of making paper, but instead of using pulp, wool fibers are used.

Wool felt is a soft and pliable fabric that is easy to work with, and it can be sewn, glued, or cut into various shapes and sizes. It is also naturally fire-resistant and water-repellent, making it a practical choice for many applications. Wool felt is available in a range of colors and thicknesses, and it can be dyed or decorated using a variety of techniques.


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