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Sports Coat, odd jacket or Blazer is popular in modern life. Sometimes people also call it a suit jacket. We know how important fitting means to suit and jacket. Over the past years, Suits Outlets started a program called "Noah Ark", to work with individual designers in the USA to produce better-fitting jackets and suits. 

Suits Outlets suit jacket comes in a slim fit, ultra slim fit, modern fit, and classic fit/regular fit, Featured designs include a dinner jacket, notched lapel, peak lapel, and shawl lapel. All suit jacket sizes are USA standard size. You may refer to the Euro/US/Japan size chart on each product page. Suits Outlets suit jackets are made of 100% wool and microfiber (which is a synthetic fiber).

You can choose from many different colors such as black, navy blue, grey herringbone, brown herringbone, etc. It also has a variety of styles including single-breasted with peak lapels or double-breasted with shawl lapels. You can choose from all different types of suit jackets including blazers, tuxedo jackets, classic fit suit jackets, or modern fit suit jackets. To help you find the right size for your body type, please refer to our size chart on each product page.