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Designed for the man who recognizes the luxury of pure cashmere and appreciates the fine tailoring. Wearing an overcoat during the colder months of the year does not necessarily mean BORING. You can still look elegant in your winter wear. The trick is as simple as it is: choose a basic color for your overcoat while keeping the inner wear sharp. This can be done by wearing a 3-piece suit set under the overcoat, or just a vest from Suits Outlets fashion vest collection.

Another easy way to boost the look is to choose the knee-length overcoat styles. Just be sure the length of the coat is proportional to your height. If you’re a taller man, go with something knee-length or slightly longer. If you’re of regular height, just go with something around knee length. If you watch old movies, you can sometimes see men wearing overcoats that reach all the way down to the ankle, and while that keeps you warmer, it has a very stodgy old-world look, and in my opinion, it makes you look less attractive.