Half Canvas

If you've ever looked at a suit and wondered, "what is that?" or "why does it cost so much?" then you're not alone.

A half canvas suit is a type of suit that has a canvas outer layer and a lining. The outer layer is made from cotton, wool, or silk—meaning that it's breathable and soft to the touch. The liner, on the other hand, is made from more rigid materials like polyester or rayon.

The two layers are sewn together to form a single garment—one with two distinct looks: one more casual than the other. The outer layer can be worn alone for cooler days; while the inner layer offers warmth in colder weather (and less wrinkling). It's also important to note that these suits are not waterproof; they don't block out moisture as most raincoats do!

But why should you care if your jacket is made from half canvas? Well, here are a few reasons:

1. Half canvas jackets are made from the same fabric as tents, so they're waterproof. This means you can wear them on rainy days without worrying about getting soaked—or even worse, ruining your nice shirt.

2. They're durable! You don't have to worry about how your jacket will hold up over time because it's made from strong material that won't get beat up by everyday wear and tear (like when people sit on them).

3. They're more stylish than regular suits! Because they're lighter weight but still look like formalwear, half canvas jackets make you look like you've got more going on than just a regular t-shirt and jeans combo.