Smarten Up: The Expert Guide to Looking Sharp in a Florida Winter

When it's winter in other places, men need to wear very warm, heavy wool suits. But Florida winters are still sunny and mild. The temperatures are usually in the 60s and 70s even in January. So if you live in or are travelling to Florida, you would choose lightweight, breathable suits.

For work suits, most Florida men can wear their regular tropical wool or lightweight worsted wool suits even in winter. Tropical wool breathes well and resists wrinkles. Worsted wool is versatile and durable. In casual offices, lightweight cotton or linen suits look professional but relaxed.

Since it doesn't get cold at night either, many men skip the suit jacket. They wear an odd jacket or sports coat with trousers for dinner or events. This looks sharp but also feels comfortable.

On rare cold days in the 50s, a light sweater or cardigan can add some warmth over a collared shirt. Though for Floridians, even 50s feels cold! A colorful silk or cotton shirt can substitute for a suit for more casual occasions.

Blue, gray and tan suits are popular year-round. But Florida winters are a good time to wear lighter suits in cream or pastel colors. Even with slightly cooler temps, Florida men only need small changes to stay stylish in the winter.

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