Suits Outlets® is proud to introduce our mens wide leg pants with uniquely designed fitted pants. For the past two decades, Suits Outlets is famous for affordable dress pants. The uniqueness is in the special design and cutting. Dress pants are not like leisure pants, it requires a much more progressive cutting than regular pants.

But how to balance the style and comfortableness? The answer is fabric. Our renovative fabric PRMS(Polyester Rayon Micro System) combines polyester and rayon to introduce a high-tech fabric which breath better, touches smoother and weights lighter than any other fabric in the market. We first introduced this new fabric in 2012 summer and perfected in the autumn collection. After years of improvement, we are proud to say, PRMS is now a matured fabric and won several awards nationwide for renovated fabric.

We recommend customers trying our PRMS dress pants. 

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