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Article: What is difference between Slack vs Pants

what is slack vs pants

What is difference between Slack vs Pants

If you google or use Wikipedia to find the difference between Slack and Pants, you are most likely to either get into a labyrinth or facing a tedious rocket-science paper.

 slack vs pants difference

And today, we're going to give a dummy-proof explanation. And just forget about those difference in British English, American English or even Ancient Saxon. We'll be only talking in the modern, American English today:



In a narrow sense, Slack means loose fitted pants, with an implication of informal wear.

In a broad sense, Slack means exactly same as pants.


That's it. Nothing ambiguous. And feel free to use "Slack" in the same way of "Pants" from now on.


Do you offer any light gray suits with loose fitting slacks or purple three pieces single breasted

Robert Mitchell



I just found your website outlet Thanks.

Alvin P

what use to call a portly suit, ia m a 50 portly suit, 46 inch waist, 5 ft 10inch tall reg 50 suit to tight, a 52 suit to big can u help


I’m 5’5 with 46 waist. Do you have pants that would fit me?


Love the way the suits look

Charles Williams

Women wear pantsuits… pantyhose… panties… see the trend?

Men wear trousers.


thanks a lot, because I thought wearing ( jeans) I Was wearing pants..!
Wearing dress pants 👖 I thought I was wearing Slacks .


Do you offer any white suits with loose fitting slacks hopefully double breasted

Phillip Roberts

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