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Men have diverse fashion tastes. Your style shows your personality and what groups you identify with. A homburg hat brings back the tradition of dressing sharp in public when paired with Stacy Adams shoes. We have Godfather hats and bright-brim hats to complement suits, zoot suits, and two-piece outfits. Popular classic hat styles include fedoras, trilbies, pinch hats, panamas, bowlers, snapbacks, dad hats, newsboys, flat caps, boaters, beanies, pork pies, buckets, baseball caps, trapper hats, and top hats.

With the internet, people see more fashion than ever. So vintage church hat and homburgs are back in style. A felt Godfather hat and dress shoes give a sleek Michael Corleone vibe. Or try a Dobbs fedora for a classy church look. We sell men's fedoras in classic and bold colors. If you like the Derby bowler hat, we have those too, in traditional and fashionable hues. It's easy to shop online for discounted dress hats here with free shipping over $99. Complete your look with the perfect hat from Suits Outlets.