Understanding the Difference Between Plain Hems and Cuffs in Clothing

  • What is Plain Hem?

A plain hem refers to a finished edge on the bottom of a garment that is simply folded over and stitched down. This is a common finish for the bottom of pants or skirts, as well as the sleeves of shirts and blouses.

  • What is Cuff Hem?

A cuff, on the other hand, is a folded or rolled-up portion of the fabric at the bottom of a garment, typically at the end of a sleeve or pant leg. The cuff can be sewn in place permanently, or it can be designed to be rolled up or down to adjust the length of the sleeve or pant leg.

  • Conclusion

So, the main difference between a plain hem and a cuff is that a plain hem is a simple folded edge that is stitched down, while a cuff is a more complex fold that creates a layered look at the bottom of a garment. Cuffs are often used for decorative purposes or to add functional details like the ability to adjust the length of a sleeve or pant leg.

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