What is Walking Suit?

Walking suit, by definition, consists of a top shirt and matching pants. The most popular fabrics are polyester, cotton and silk. Walking suits fill in the gap between formal wear and casual. 

Walking suit was originated from traje from Caribbean islands, such as Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, this shirt is called Guayabera, and people usually wear it both in casual and formal occasions. It is now a symbol of relaxation and casual life.

Dating back to Pre-Columbian era, Guayabera was first introduced as part of a local history of religious festival. It is said, that Guayabera was only accessible to royal family in the age of Taíno culture. In recent years, however, historians found evidences showing the origin of Guayabera might actually be in Honduras.

Anyway, after the melting of western and local civilization, the very first modern "walking suit" was introduced in the city of Miami, Florida, then quick got popular in the entire country over night.

walking suit in history

 Modern Walking Suit

Nowadays, walking suit becomes a very important part of American's fashion style, especially for people living in the south. And of course, walking suits are also very popular on screens, such as Manny Delgado's signature walking suit in Modern Family.

If you you ask what is walking suit and you are looking for purchasing any walking suit, remember the soul of walking suit lives in the style. Because of it's loose design, the fitting is usually not a problem. Try your first walking suit perhaps in a family get together, and you'll be sure to fall in love with it. 



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