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Article: Suits and Cigars

suit and cigar

Suits and Cigars

Suits and cigars, both seem to have some potential sources. One is the classic dress for men, and the other is men's the soul mate. I have to say that they are classic that combines into one. Whether it is in the light and shadow of Hollywood or in the reality of lively and fragrant, they are the winners of "timeless". This victory belongs to the details.


suits and cigars

They first met in the upper-class. Today's cigar lovers are grateful to the two sailors who brought cigars to the upper European society: Rodriguez and Louis, who are members of the Columbus fleet. After returning to Europe, the two men dedicated the tobacco leaves brought back from the Americas to the nobles. Soon, the cigars became popular in the Spanish upper class and gradually developed into the various aristocratic groups in Europe.

With the gradual popularization of cigars in Europe, European-style trains have begun to have cigar-specific cars, clubs and hotels have lounges for cigars, black-necked dresses have been designated as smoking in France. Clothing, which is extended to the person's appearance, is also considered to have a great relationship with smoking cigars.


There are plenty of stories about the origins of suits, and one version is particularly interesting: modern suits, originally called "clothes born in the lounge." There are many ceremonies in the Victorian upper class in the UK, especially in the nighttime social activities. Men must wear tuxedos (a kind of British classical dress), and they need to be elegant and talkative. After the dinner, the men can gather in the lounge next to the restaurant. Only here, you can smoke cigars, drink beer, drink brandy, make jokes, or lie on the sofa.


 suits and cigars

Consider every detail for the customer   

Just like the cigar brand pays attention to the details of the plumbing, tobacco collection, and processing, appearance packaging, size, etc., modern suits, also pay special attention to the details.


More suitable for cigar and pipe pocket design - The pockets of the suits are not all designed for practical use. For example, the pockets of the chest towel are only used for decoration, just to highlight the gentlemanliness of men in social situations.


 suits and cigars

In order to facilitate the gentlemen to take out pipes or cigars anytime and anywhere, the suits have been specially cut out of many exquisite pockets since the day of birth. In addition to the outer pockets for small items such as handkerchiefs and pens, many suits are specially equipped with small pockets for the right side of the pipe. In addition, the two pockets of the inner bag and the outer hem can be used to hold small boxes of cigars or Single tube cigar. In the 19th century, small things such as suits, cigars, and pocket watches gradually became the social lines necessary for style-conscious men, and they also opened up a variety of men's styles.


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