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Article: The Fedora Hat: A Timeless Piece of Men's Fashion

fedora hat

The Fedora Hat: A Timeless Piece of Men's Fashion

The fedora is a classic hat with a dent down the middle. Most fedoras are made of felt material. The name "fedora" comes from a character named Fédora in an 1882 play. Fédora liked to dress up like a man and wear this type of hat. So the hat got its name from the play. This makes the fedora a symbol of feminism. You see fedoras in old mobster movies, worn by gangsters and detectives. Fedoras have an old-timey vibe that says "I'm one smooth guy."

Fedoras are also linked to secret agents, like James Bond. Remember Perry the Platypus in Phineas and Ferb? He wore a fedora for his secret identity. Nowadays hipsters wear fedoras to get a retro, Blues Brothers kind of style. The fedora has an old-fashioned manly charm. So next time you see a fedora, you can share some history. From its feminist roots to pop culture, the classic fedora has quite a story!


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Walter Brice

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