fitted suit

A Few Words About Fitting

That's our mantra here at Suits Outlets. It's what we preach every issue. Doesn't matter what kind of suit you're investing in, whether it's $200 o...

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cruise suit

What to Wear on Cruise

Most of the cruise lines in Europe and the United States routes have dinner provisions, the first ride on the cruise ship may be on the cruise dres...

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wool suit fabric

Merino Wool 101

Not your grandparent's ragg wool... Before We Made Products, we wore other people’s products; all the while, wanting different, better clothes t...

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labor day fashion

What to Wear on Labor Day

Besides being a holiday held to celebrate the lives of working people, Labor Day is also deemed as the (unofficial) end of summer—and the halt to w...

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navy suit for men

How To Wear A Navy Blazer

As the weather heats up, a navy blazer will become an essentially versatile item in your wardrobe. But how to style it? Read our complete guide on ...

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