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Article: Three-piece suit: Men’s secret weapon

suit with vest

Three-piece suit: Men’s secret weapon

A suit is not only a manifestation of a man's external charm but also a measure of a man's inner taste. Men's obsession with the three-piece suit is just like women's obsession with clothes, bags, and cosmetics: it is always there, never fade away.
Since the birth of the suit, it has been steadily occupying a place in the men's wardrobe. Whether it's in the 1980s and 1990s when fashion designers came out, or in the choice of modern times, the three-piece suit has been popular for nearly two centuries.

Evolution History

The birth of the earliest three-piece suit, we will trace to the restoration of the British royal family in 1660, Charles II abolished "French fashion" and created a new way to wear a suit: a jacket and shirt in the length to the knee A formal vest - this is the prototype of a three-piece suit.
The "birth" of the three-piece suit is based on Beau Brummell who has the title of "Regent George", "Friends of George IV" and "Playboy".

Brummell was once responsible for buying and producing uniforms for the military, which allowed him to reach out to the best tailors in London who mastered the craftsmanship of European clothing. Brummell, who advocates simplicity, has designed a new style of clothing for men.

He instructed the tailor to make a close-fitting design rather than the loose uniforms of the past, a simplified tuxedo, a linen shirt, a delicate bow tie, and trousers that could be pushed into the boots, and the jackets and trousers were changed to simple, plain colors. As a result, people's attention will focus on the tailoring and style of the clothes. The first set of three-piece suits, three-piece suits, vests, tops, and pants were born.
  suit with vest
The three-piece suit of the traditional suit requires that the suit, vest, and trousers must be a combination of the same material and the same color, which makes modern people look too old-fashioned. The three-piece suit after the revival of fashion continues the traditional excellent garment technology and modern bold artistic ideas. After the length, material and so on have been changed, the three-piece suit of the most formal suit in social etiquette will be re-interpreted
 Style Combination

Breaking the traditional stereotype, the modern suit three-piece suit is more free in design, following the golden rule of 2:1, taking the uniform material of the suit, trousers or vest, breaking the grandfather Brummell The rules laid down, both practical and modern, become the secret weapon for men's taste.

Professional Style

To create a rigorous, professional image, a single-breasted three-piece suit will never go wrong. The three-piece stable and changeable character has been recognized by modern men more than once, with a large collar, a deep color scheme, a simple single-breasted design, and an elegant index.

 3 piece suit

Formal Dress Style

    The three-piece suit can be a formal dress style so that you can complete the elegant gentleman's achievement without too much decoration, with a pair of dark Oxford shoes, adding a touch of elegance to the whole body, reflecting the good taste.

    Casual style

      Different textures or different colors of the vest can bring more mix n' match for the whole look. The woolen jersey and knitted vest in the casual suit can not only highlight the temperature difference of the spring but also highlight the sense of style.


      1. Wear a vest and never buckle the last one button; 
      2. The length of the three-piece suit vest should just cover the top of pants, and the shirt must not be exposed between the vest and the pants; 
      3. The vest with the collar has a moderately classical taste. The advantage of choosing a vest with a lapel is that even if you take off your suit, it is enough to prop up the entire look. The point is that you won't see a crumpled shirt. 

      Fashion is a reincarnation. Many people think that the three-piece suit is old-fashioned and conservative, but in fact, the three-piece suit is the secret weapon of a man. Once you put a three-piece suit on, you will be encouraged to behave elegantly, confidently, and become the most stylish gentleman.

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