The Most Complete Men's Suit Color Guide

Suits, as a must-have item for men, if you are bored with the same color suit every day, why not mix and match colors to dress the suit the way you like. What color is the right fit? After reading this guide, you can understand one or two.

Gray and Black

A gray suit jacket with a light blue shirt and black pants is a classical style

Gray and Ivory/White

Under the light gray suit, the beige white leisure pants and Derby shoes can not only create a refreshing vision, but also the bright color of the lower body can effectively lengthen the proportion of the legs. Based on white casual pants and shirts, it features a temperamental Italian-inspired man.

Gray and Gray

Gray plus gray pays attention to the choice of grayscale. If it is not the whole set, the gray concentration of the upper body is generally deeper and the lower body is shallower, which can highlight the key points.

Navy and Gray

Navy suit is very popular among men, and it is easy to wear. It is less serious than black. It is easy to create a stylish and elegant gentleman with gray pants

Navy and White

With a navy-style color scheme, navy blue and white can easily give people a feeling of resort style and a very elegant style.

Navy and Black

When the navy blue encounters black pants, means only elegant and charming.

Light Blue and Navy

The same color collection wears no mistakenly, with a light blue double-breasted suit jacket, with dark blue suit pants, easy to wear a sunny stylish gentleman.

Light Blue and White

The combination of light blue and white is more straightforward. Just enjoy the holiday sunshine and play hard.

Light Blue and Khaki

Light blue Blazer and khaki pants are a little lower-key than white, but it's still a good way to wear it.

Ivory/white and Black

Classic white, beige suit softer than pure white, with black trousers put on shoes, is a classic casual gentleman look! The white upper body also has a long effect.

White and Royal Blue

Royal Blue suit is the first choice to replace black. It is lighter and more natural than black, and certainly younger than black.

Black and khaki

The tone of the achromatic black and white as a whole, not only reduces the probability of mismatching but also can easily show handsome style. Khaki also has similar effects.

Black and Royal Blue

The combination of the two classic colors makes it hard to think of anything but a handsome man.

Khaki and Gray

Khaki with gray feel very good, but also have a different flavor, there is a kind of bright beauty, no amazing feeling, but no unexpected surprises, some silent elegance and handsome.

Khaki and White

 Khaki with white, mixed with a stylish beauty, white has always been white, but with khaki, wearing a sweet but not too much.

Khaki and Olive

Olive Green Suit gives people a sense of vitality. Using khaki with green, both khaki solid and green vigor is one of the best ways to match.

Brown and White

Mature browns and bright whites form a contrast, and the mature uncle wears it very attractively.

Brown and Khaki

Brown and khaki are the same color system. They are all earthly colors. They only have different shades of depth. Different shades of the same color can form a sense of depth, and the color of foreign men's brown hair is very consistent.



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