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Article: Check out the British Royal Wedding Wear outfit - how to dress at weddings

wedding suit

Check out the British Royal Wedding Wear outfit - how to dress at weddings

The whole world is paying attention to the recent Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Megan. Not only newly-wed are under this big spotlight, but also their all celebrity guests: Beckham couple, George Clooney couples as well as Megan's Hollywood star friends, the whole crew of the TV drama show SUITS and other celebrities. This royal wedding can be titled by the best wearing wedding guests. Now it's time to learn how to dress gracefully and charmingly as a wedding guest.
wedding suit 
Beckham looks as great as he always does. Charcoal suit with peak lapel design, matching color pants and light gray double-breasted vest. This look completed this formal dress suit with a stylish fashion taste.

Amal appears in a Stella McCartney bright yellow dress, while George Clooney was dressed in a gray suit, and using a striped yellow tie and handkerchief to match his wife' dress. 
Gabriel Macht plays Harvey in the TV Show SUITS, brings his wife Jacinda Barrett to the wedding.  Jacinda wears a burgundy dress, elegant and stylish. Gabriel wears a navy jacket uses the same color tie to match the couple look.

Tom Hardy wears sunglasses and his wife, Charlotte Riley, attended the royal wedding. The three-piece suit looks handsome on him.
Idris wear this beautiful blue 2-piece suit with tie perfectly matching Sabrina's navy dress. 

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