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Article: What to Wear on Cruise

cruise suit

What to Wear on Cruise

Most of the cruise lines in Europe and the United States routes have dinner provisions, the first ride on the cruise ship may be on the cruise dress code sloppy, if no one reminded, even the formal dress may not bring the boat ( How to get to the restaurant for dinner? Passengers who do not wear clothes may be "polite" by restaurant managers on some cruises for buffet dinner), some of the more stringent provisions of the boat, and even provide a tuxedo , Suit rental service, but if you plan before traveling on the first trip of clothing, everything is planned to go along with the pace, this is not more disturbing to our holiday mood?

Different cruise line companies on the provisions of the dinner dress somewhat different, but nothing more than the following basic dressing code:

cruise suit

It is the official dinner day (different shipping companies may give different names, for example: P & O ships call it Black Tie, or some companies call it Formal directly). Men wear black suits or tuxedos (some more stringent rules are "to wear a tuxedo"), tie or tie, and ladies wear evening gowns instead of the usual dress. This part of the truth, usually rarely participate in such social activities in Asia, the family wardrobe is generally the lack of that one.


Also known as informal or smart casual, is a semi-formal dress day, men's and women's wear will be "slightly" a little casual, men's wear shirts and suits pants + jacket (not tie), women can wear dresses (usually pick Basically, the wardrobe that dress is basically OK) or more neutral pants to wear.


As the name suggests is the addition to jeans (women wear designer jeans exceptions), bathing suits, shorts, shoes, sandals can not wear into the outside, basically can easily wear days. Men wear Polo shirts (not T shirt) and casual trousers, women can wear upper and lower two-piece leisure suits or simple dress.

cruise night suit

Theme night

For example, on a Disney boat, there may be one or two themed dressings a week, such as pirates, tropical style, and the like.

The above said so much, the concept is still a bit fuzzy, you can refer to the following P & O provided by the legend, so there is no more specific

Dress code more stringent shipping companies are: Cunard, P & O

Smaller (most passengers still wear it seriously, with only a few people wearing it, but still not to be overly exaggerated, they can still dine in the dining room): Celebrity, Princess, Holland America> MSC> Costa, Royal Caribbean, Carnival

Do not wear formal wear at all:

The number of days required to wear formal clothing is related to the length of the voyage. In general, a seven-day voyage normally has two formal apparel days.

In addition, even the same company, the larger the ship (more passengers), the general less stringent, the smaller the size of the ship, because the service is more sophisticated, so the dress will be more stress. In fact, the real Nice, Nai is quite agree with the provisions of such a dress (one or two days a week to dress the United States and the United States to wear formal wear), because although it is a tourist, there are many people to take a cruise to celebrate a special day For example: birthday, retirement, wedding anniversary ... So, as a passerby, it seems as if they should dress well not to spoil their good atmosphere. Does anyone want to marry him on a cruise? Intimate reminder: try not to be in the restaurant (because apart from this stem is too old, the next few days may sit next to your restaurant that table, there will be someone singing happy birthday song). In the night on the deck, under the stars, more is a romantic corner for you to be creative

Regardless of the shipping company's strict dressing codes (for good news for friends who do not like to wear formal wear: Cunard, P & O and Celebrity both announce their formal apparel promises starting in 2016 and do not need to wear a formal bow tie ... But there is still dressing code, but not strict), if you do not comply with the provisions of clothing, in fact, the most important thing is that we ourselves will feel sorry, to Nai's experience, the cruise on the European and American people are generally very focused Facade, in the dress of those who are among the (the same day only deck and buffet no dress code, that is, no matter where the entire ship go, dressed in formal people everywhere), if the moment only chaos wear, Really really think it would like to have a hole drilling to hide

After all, cultural differences, but also like a small Nina wearing a dress to be tall and tall, to build the body without figure, plus two noisy trailer bottle, and sometimes really feel that wearing a formal dress to eat is very troublesome : evil:, so sometimes really tired to play, simply change to buffet simply eat dinner, but also often encounter the same people from Asia, huh, huh ... ... we all think the same.

Another way to wear formal gowns without worrying about it is to set Norwegain's cruise line directly because it is not a low-grade shipping company (in fact, it's pretty good) because of what they advertised Is free style cruising.

Or do you want to start a dress? There are some non-expensive online options, such as this one, every time you buy a boat you can use, no longer have to worry about clothing problems:

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