What is a Gatsby Party

After the 2013 Great Gatsby movie, there's been a great demand for 1920s men’s fashion. The 1920s inspired men’s clothing has made its way into Ralph Lauren’s collection as well as other top fashion designers.


Someone might ask, is it hard to organize a Great Gatsby party at home? The answer is NO! Just remember adding the following elements and you'll surely get a successful GG Party this weekend.

  • Chandeliers

 Gatsby party

  • Feathers


  • A casino table



That's it! Nice and easy. And the next part is the dress code. While a lady can wear her favorite flapper girl costume and gets a wig, it is worth discussing the gentlemen's dress here.

Let's start with a complete guide here:


An authentic 1920s formal look is different from modern fashion in a lot of ways. Couple popular designs of 1920 suits are:

  • Textured wools, tweeds, herringbone, check and thick stripes patterns.
  • Suit pants came up very high on the waist.
  • Add suspenders to your pants.
  • A matching vest is a must.

And don't forget the 1920 shirt styles:

  • Early 1920’s men’s dress shirts had white detachable collars.
  • Wearing a striped shirt with white collar will immediately transform your modern suit into one from 1920.
  • A bow tie will make you look a bit more vintage than a necktie.

We'll provide you with popular hats in one graph:

suits outlets 1920 hats


That’s it! Now you have the knowledge and connections to buy 1920s style clothing. Share your great gatsby outfit in social media and @suitsoutlets. Can't wait to see your great ideas.


On the gold blazer can I get one with matching pants. I want a gold suit like that. Please let me know. Thanks.

James s Parnell March 12, 2020

Add me to your email I love my suits

John lewis January 18, 2020

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