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Article: The men's fashion trends for fall/winter 2018

fall fashion for men
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The men's fashion trends for fall/winter 2018

This fall/winter trend for men, suits, which definitely take the most critical part of men's wear. The trend for this season, suits are designed the way looks the most subtle and elegant. How to grasp the latest trend elements, while not losing the elegance and solemnity of suits for men? Following a few trendy tips hope we can make it easy for you.

Double-breasted Suit

This simple style combines a sleek and cool feel, with understated details, neat layouts and angular lines. 

Fabric & Detail: Crossover and mixed texture add a touch of interest to this exquisite suit

Mandarin Style 

Nostalgic feelings and future elements blend together to create a fun and minimalist suit.

Fabric & Detail: Plain crepe and tonal jacquard fabrics perfectly matched


Glen Plaid/Windowpane

Glen Plaid and Windowpane are critical fabrics of the season, looks great for jacket solo or the whole suit. 

Fabric & Detail: Three-color or three-tone glen plaid in a compact layout or twilight finish



These overcoats are not only versatile, they are also ideal for mixing basic wardrobes. The rich texture is a single product that injects vitality and vitality. 

Fabric & Detail: Twill or herringbone fabric adds a lot to the blended fabric



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