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Article: Mens Fashion Tips For Fall 2018

fall fashion for men

Mens Fashion Tips For Fall 2018

Compared with the women's clothing that is always fascinating, the trend of men's wear seems to be inferior. Men’s fashion is indeed limited. But as long as you capture the highlights of the season, you will feel that men's wear can be equally playful and colorful.
That's right, it's stripe. In this fall, the stripes with colorful colors will be a popular one. In addition, multi-color straight stripes, bachelor stripes, Deauville stripes, beat stripes will be trendy again. If the striped suit becomes a must-have for your wardrobe, consider a straight, black or blue suit with white pin strip that can have a good slimming effect on your body shape. Pinstripe is especially in-favored by the European designers
Flower world
It is said that this season is a world of flowers. It has two meanings: one refers to the pattern of flowers and floral designs, and the other refers to the rich, bright colors just like flowers. This season, royal-style floral pattern jacket is the most dazzling.
Men with good fashion taste bring colors back into their lives. This season, the designer blends beautiful colors into men's wear, revealing vitality in simplicity. Whether it's purple, blue, green, yellow, white, it is bright, it is fall time.
Do: Whether it's a patterned or a colorful jacket, pants must be matching color or dark color would the better choice.
Don’t: Please don’t mix and match colorful jacket and pants. A floral-patterned shirt with a pair of bright yellow pants is not allowed (unless you are in Hawaii).
This autumn and winter, a slim, gorgeous, retro enchanting suit is definitely not to be missed. But if you are far from being as thin as a model, you don't have to secretly hurt yourself. Try a regular casual suit. This kind of suits can make men break through the boundaries between work clothes and casual clothes in daily wear, which is suitable for a variety of occasions and can also bring out the best body shape of men.
From a traditional point of view, male friends mostly prefer plaid men's clothing. There are many styles of plaid patterns, so what do you think will be popular this autumn and winter fashion? Is it a twill lattice, is it a colored check, or a tweed? Let's take a look at the popular focus of men's wear this year.
fall fashion
Geometric trend continues
From squares to diamonds or stripes, turning around is ever-changing. Or overlapping or slanting overlapping plaids, which are picked by designers, laid out in suits and shirts. Different materials can also be joined into large and small plaids, showing the next season's men's fashion.
Formal business style, elegantly casual and sportswear are the three most mainstream styles. Those styles can mix with some bright color accessories, such as bright yellow, peacock blue, apple green, it is inadvertently bright. Many viewers think that the most eye-catching part of this series is the bright colors. The popular elements such as rose red and grass green are used on it, and the style is still a classic simple style so that the businessmen dressed up are mature and lively. According to this principle, we don't need to dress ourselves up as a butterfly. Just remember a trace of bright colors to embellish in this fall and to keep warm and maintain the grace, you can surely balance the appearance and wisdom.
Shirts are always indispensable accessories and protagonists in men's and women's wear in autumn and winter. Compared with last year's flower man, this year's shirts are more refreshing and simple, with more emphasis on smooth lines to create a gentlemanly image of gentlemen and reveal men's warm and flexible feelings. Paired with vintage plaids, layered aesthetics, striped suits and gorgeous velvet to create a modern man who brings out nostalgic mood, urban fashion, and elegant sports. All in all, the 2018 fall/winter men's wear has no exaggerated performance, using comfortable materials to match the ingenuity, shaping the unique taste of the movement and the nostalgic mood, it is worth a good reference!

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We should welcome winter and fall 2018 with huge excitement and fashionable clothes and this blog contains all the useful information one should have.


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