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Article: Three Rules To Look Good In Every Suits

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Three Rules To Look Good In Every Suits

There are some suits worn by people spend big money on. It may be branded and expensive, but why does it not look good? This involves questions about integration. We are talking about dressing etiquette and saying that when we follow the rules, we must always emphasize the words: do something, do something. Then go to see a man wears a suit, Is it important to wear comfortably? Or is it appropriate to match? There are some problems with the technique of wearing the technique.  It is mainly suitable. A more professional approach, when it comes to a man wearing a suit, emphasizes the so-called "three threes." What are "three threes"? There are three major problems to pay attention to when wearing a suit, and each question has a three-word, so it is called "three rules."

The first "three", three-color principle. It stipulates that when wearing a suit, no matter 2-pieces suit or 3-pieces suit, there should be no more than three colors on the whole body. I have an occupational disease. When I met a man under the public or was introduced to another man, I generally did not listen to his self-reporting. I was not overly obsessed with the title on his business card. I generally like to count the number of colors on his body. My experience is: the clothing on his body, the three colors are generally regular army, the four colors are generally guerrillas, and the five colors are generally a bad idea. This is the first "three." Of course, casual wear does not have this problem. It is not necessary to wear a casual suit to go shopping, rolling the road, eating, and playing. There is no need to tie a tie.

suit for men

The second "three", three law is to tell us that when men wear suits on important occasions, there are three elements on the body that should be the same color. Which three elements? Shoes, belts, briefcases. They should be a color and should be black first. I sometimes complain that men are pitiful and that beautiful clothes don't have to be worn. Unlike women's fashion, you can change it often. What have we changed? In addition to suits or suits, a buckle, two buckles, three buckles, no buckle, no difference. Do not wear a suit to wear a denim, do not wear a denim jacket, and then no more. When a handsome man makes an appearance on an important occasion, his shoes, belt, briefcase should be a color, and the choice is black. This is better. If I am wearing a metal strap watch, the color of the metal strap should be the same as the color of my eyeglass frame. It is the same color as my belt buckle. This is called coordination. In other words, if I wear a watch with a leather strap, the color of the strap should be black. It is the same as the shoes, belts, and briefcases. It is a one-piece, better look.

The third "three", three taboos. What are the three taboos? The three taboos mean that when you wear a suit, there are three places where you can't make a foreign appearance. Which three places can't make an appearance? First, the trademark on the sleeve cannot be removed. You buy a suit, as long as it is a suit bought in the store, there is an embroidered trademark on the cuffs on the left sleeve, and sometimes there is a pure wool logo, there may be two verticals. According to the strict statement, if you buy a suit, the first thing you should do is to remove the trademark, which means that the suit is unsealed. However, there are many waiters in our country who don't know about this matter, and some others do not know it. Over time, many men mistakenly believe that there is such a cross on the sleeve is a famous brand. When someone walks often, they intentionally make the arm move forward. To reveal one hand, I call it the basic characteristics of the "grass hero". Of course, this kind of person is now less and less.

Second, it is very important to avoid wearing a tie with a casual jacket when you are in a formal business scenario. Third, avoid problems with socks. When the elegant man comes out on an important occasion, the socks are important. There are two kinds of socks that he can't wear - no white socks, at least wear dark colors, never wear light colors or any colors, it will be nondescript. 

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