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Article: Men's Ultimate Guide to Winter Wears

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Men's Ultimate Guide to Winter Wears


At the point when the frigid chill of winter raises its cold head, it's a great opportunity to push your material and seersucker suits to the back of the wardrobe and decide on something bit hotter. The texture of the suits you decide for the coming months will have a significant effect when the temperature begins to drop and you're compelled to endure the cool while as yet figuring out how to look sharp. Be that as it may, winter suiting does not need to exhaust. Similarly that the warm summer climate gave you a surfeit of outfit adaptability as summer suits, you can apply a similar inventiveness and style to your cool climate groups. Here is our complete guide on what to search for in a winter suit with the goal that you can continue looking cool and remaining warm throughout the entire winter.

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What to Look for in a Winter Suit

In the event that anybody ever tries to offer you a suit under the claim that it's reasonable for year-round wear, snatch your cash and run. A texture that is breathable and lightweight in the late spring will make you hopeless in the winter, and the other way around. Unless you live in exceptionally calm atmosphere, you ought to have an assigned choice of suits for, in any event, the late spring and winter months. For the best winter suit, focus on the suit's development and texture. The development and texture will decide the suit's capacity to keep you warm. Not at all like summer suits, winter texture better fits holding a suit's shape and keep up their structure extraordinarily well, so you won't need to stress as substantially over wrinkling or wearing of material. Contingent upon how cool it gets where you live, make sure to stick to half-or completely lined suit coats which help oppose wrinkles, hold warmth, and hold up better amid travel and ordinary wear than unlined suits. Here are a portion of the best textures, hues, and examples for winter suiting.



The ideal winter suit will be made of a hotter, thicker texture that will keep you decent and toasty against the components. Avoid the lighter suit textures like cotton, polyester, cloth, seersucker, chambray, and fresco, as these will initiate perpetual shuddering.

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The Wool Suit 

Right up 'til today, fleece remains the most well known suit texture. Fleece is a texture famous for its capacity to wrap pleasantly, keep up its shape, and its adaptability in having the capacity to be spun as free and breathable or tight and warm as important. Fleece suits have kept up the position of being the most mainstream suit available for quite a long time, due to these flexible qualities. This is an extraordinary place to begin getting your winter suiting, as a decent fleece suit is anything but difficult to discover and arrives in an assortment of sorts. Worsted fleece is the most prominent fleece utilized for suits, as it is very versatile to temperature change, wears well, and emits that slight sparkle that you find in many suits available. Other well known sorts of fleece are tweed and wool. Worsted is viewed as a mid-weight fleece, tweed is heavier, and wool is the heaviest. Wool and tweed are talked about in more noteworthy detail beneath.

The Cashmere Suit

Arguably one of the most coveted and luxurious suit fabrics on the market, cashmere is known for its unparalleled soft texture, comfort, and most importantly warmth. However, some of the biggest drawbacks for this fabric is its price tag, and its lack of durability. Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars for a 100% cashmere suit that won’t last you very long, opt instead for a blend of wool and cashmere or polyester and cashmere to keep prices low while giving you the advantage of other fabrics’ durability. Along with softness, cashmere is also an amazing fabric for keeping you consistently warm, no matter how low the temperature drops. The fabric is highly adaptable to climate change and will be able to insulate you very well. However, be very particular about how you store your suit because cashmere attracts moths, who can chew $1,000 holes into your suits quicker than you will be able wear them. If you do decide on a cashmere or cashmere blend suit, protect your purchase with a cedar closet or moth balls.

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The Tweed Suit 

Tweed is a great winter suit fabric that will always give a timeless ease to the wearer. The fabric is made from wool and created by combining three differently colored yarns, which are then twilled. To “twill” is to weave yarn in such a way that it produces a distinctive pattern unique only to this variety of fabric. 

The Flannel Suit 

Another winter suit texture is wool, which was made for securing against chilly atmospheres. Customarily, wool suits are for more develop men of their word, however wool is progressively rethinking itself as a suit texture for the strong and trendy present day man. Despite the fact that these suits are climate fitting, they may not generally be agreeable in an office situation, as these suits have a tendency to be very overwhelming. Wool is normally made out of worsted fleece, and is like tweed and herringbone as far as look, however has a tendency to be gentler to the touch. Wool suits have the benefit of being very hip and a la mode, giving wearers a cleaned and marginally felted appearance that will influence you to emerge. Wool additionally has a tendency to show up the most rich of the heavier textures, as it is pleasant to take a gander at and to a great degree delicate. Notwithstanding, wool suits are somewhat harder to discover and you can hope to pay a pretty penny ($800-$2000) to get your hands on one. On the off chance that you can bear the cost of a wool suit, having one in your winter munititions stockpile will demonstrate the world that you can clergyman your look fittingly with the changing seasons and that you are a style trailblazer. Wool is worthy for everyday utilize, except may not be sufficiently formal for extraordinary events or strict clothing standards.

The Herringbone Suit 

Much like tweed, the herringbone is heavy, warm, and durable. What distinguishes herringbone from tweed is a distinctive thin zig-zag pattern. Like tweed, herringbone suits are made from twilled yarn, typically from materials like wool or flannel. Both tweed and herringbone fabrics consist of a tighter weave than most suits, making for a more structured and durable garment. The thickness of the fabric paired with the subtle zig-zag design cause this suit to give off an illusion of depth, making this suit ideal for gentlemen on the slimmer side.



It’s great to have some all-season suit staples in black, navy, or charcoal. However, just because the winter is prime time for darker hues, this does not mean you can’t also have a little fun with color. If you already have your suit staples in check, try implementing some of these daring options into your winter wardrobe. Feel free to go bold with a full suit in one of these colors, or break it up with a colored jacket, pants, or accessories.


Definitely not your average black, gray, or navy suit, oxblood suits are popping up everywhere these days. What exactly is oxblood? Oxblood is a deep shade of burgundy, a shade that commands presence and attention when you walk into a room while maintaining a suit’s formal essence. It is bold enough to make a statement but not so loud that it isn’t office appropriate.

Hunter Green

Another great color that makes a statement without coming off as forced, this particular shade of dark green looks great and is a classy alternative to the traditional neutral tones. Slightly jewel-toned in hue, but still deep and reserved, you’d be hard-pressed NOT to include this color in your arsenal this winter.


Though brown is also on trend for the fall and winter months, how about trying its caramel-y, amber cousin instead? A neutral color that is more modern than the traditional brown and more stylish than, let’s say, khaki, a cognac suit will impress your coworkers without attracting any wayward looks from the boss. Cognac is a perfect suit color for those looking to add a unique element to their ensemble without being overstated.


Deep, deep purple on a suit will be sure to give you an edge to stand out. Like oxblood, plum is a bold color choice, so wear it with pride, and you’ll be sure to look like a true connoisseur of style.


Because it's winter does not mean you can't mess around with your style. Since your suit hues in the winter will have a tendency to be on the darker side, pick frill that either supplement (dim shades) or complexity (brilliant, designed) your suit for a major effect. Don't hesitate to play up surfaces and examples to add measurement to your look. Weave ties are an awesome occasional frill for winter and for the most part look extraordinary with everything. Scarves are a winter basic that likewise includes style and will keep you warm on your approach to and from the workplace. At long last, take a stab at adding some flower to your gathering. Dim florals are unquestionably occurring for winter, and you can accomplish this pattern with a flower tie, straightforward dull botanical fasten, or even a botanical handkerchief. Keep in mind, you don't need to stick to dim, stifled tones since it's winter. Include a level of style and measurement to your winter look through your embellishments, and make sure to mess around with it.

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