Fashionable Men: How To Wear A French Cuff Dress Shirt

It's always good to pay attention to the little details in your wardrobe, and if you do that then you'll look the best you've ever have!


This article gives some recommendations on how to wear a french cuff dress shirt, which is characterized by its sharply pointed collar, single-button cuffs, and French cuffs, a style made popular in the early 19th century.


The french cuff dress shirt is generally worn with a suit or sports coat; however, it can also be worn casually with jeans and a blazer. A classic look for this type of clothing involves wearing a tie that has wide stripes (i.e., vertical lines). It's best not to mix patterns when pairing your outfit together as well, so avoid using bold colors like yellow and red if you want to keep things simple but still stylish. You should choose either one patterned tie or no ties at all depending upon what kind of suit you are going to pair them up with. If there is a solid-colored jacket then go ahead and add a bright tie without worrying about matching the rest of your clothes perfectly. When choosing a pocket square, try looking into floral designs since they will help accentuate the details of your outfit while adding color accents. Finally, remember that accessories such as belts and shoes should complement the entire ensemble rather than overpowering any other aspects of the overall image.

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