How to wear a banded collar shirt

 Mandarin collar shirts are the hottest thing right now for looking stylish at events. Also called Banded collar shirts, these have a narrow upright collar with no fold, giving a sleek vibe that says "dressy dude."

Step one is getting the right fit. You want something trim but not too tight - a nice tailored cut that lightly skims your frame. Ditch the oversized tees and baggy button-downs. Materials like crisp cotton, breezy linen or luxurious silk look fantastic, so find your true size for the perfect canvas.

For pants, no jeans or shorts allowed! Mandarin collars look best with tailored trousers - dress pants, chinos, you get the idea. The slim cut of both pieces pairs together nicely. And shoes? Make it leather lace-ups, loafers, oxfords. Anything too casual like sneakers or sandals ruins the classy formal aesthetic.

These shirts can definitely handle weddings, parties, and events needing a touch of sophistication. But don't sleep on mandarin collars for the office either. Lose the tie, throw on some relaxed pants, and you've got a sharp 9-to-5 look. See how versatile they are? Whether you're suiting up for a wedding or want an outfit with some power at the office, mandarin collar shirts are clutch. Just switch up the pants and extras to go from black tie to business casual in a snap.

So next time you're shopping for something stylish and versatile, take a look at the banded collar shirts. These mandarin collared classics should be in every guy's closet!

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