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Article: Fabric Pattern Types

fabric suit
Styles Guide

Fabric Pattern Types

Window Pane

It is evolutionary patterns such as single-line panes and sets of grids. The reason why it is called a pane, as its name suggests, is because its lattice is relatively large. The suit of the suit is because it gives people an unconventional feeling. If you are a mature man, you can choose this kind of The large grid divided by thin lines, and the color matching can choose a conservative and stable color system, such as blue, dark gray, brown yellow and so on.

 suit fabric

Glen Plaid

Also known as Glen Check, it is a typical English pattern.  Originally the pattern from the Welsh prince, Windsor. There are many changes has been made since then. In the UK, different patterns symbolize different positions. You can choose some solid color shirts. If you are not particularly confident, you don't recommend complicated plaid or striped shirts, because the color is very abrupt and the visual burden is too much.



Bird Eye

Bird eye tissue is a kind of microweave (also known as mini check type). In recent years, this fabric pattern is the focus of the overall fashion trend. This pattern is casual and formal, and can be worn in a business suit. It can also be worn with a pair of jeans and T-shirts. In addition to the versatile solid color shirt, striped or small plaid shirts are a good choice. Ties and accessories can be matched with the color of the suit.



As the name suggests, it is also called dog fangs. In the thousands of flower types, we don't want to be the same, and we don't want to be too good. The retro classic "Houndstooth" pattern is your best savior, yes! In the black and white series, "Houndstooth" must be a classic in the classic. The shape of the houndstooth is as elegant as the four-cornered irregular chessboard. It is elegant and elegant. It is recommended to wear a pure color shirt and plain when wearing these suits. Color Tie.



English literally translated as shark skin, is a special pattern formed by yarn arrangement and structure, compared to ordinary solid color, giving a feeling of a glimpse, in addition to solid is the best Beyond Sharkskin, if you don't want your suit to be the same as everybody else, you can choose this pattern that is more secure than wear.



solid color, versatile fabric color, I suggest that you just touch the suit or you are planning to start with a suit. It is best to start with solid color, and it is best to start with the most basic dark gray or blue, because it looks like anyway. Not wrong. Of course, Suit-lover can also try some other colors, such as khaki or royal blue, and the colors are good and match.



This pattern is a texture effect produced by the change in weave. The color is not as obvious as the stripes, but the weaving effect of the vertical stripes gives it a unique V-pattern. This is a more popular color choice, not only can be stretched from the visual effect, but also more calm and solemn than the striped fabric. It is recommended that business people can choose such a pattern, with a solid color shirt, the tie can choose some textured solid or twill pattern. 



I think this should be familiar to everyone, everywhere, stripes can be said to be a more classic choice because, in many magazines about clothing, the network is also inseparable from the stripes, but on the width of the stripes There is also some attention to it. For those who are slightly fat, the thin stripes can make people pay more attention to his height. However, the wider stripes on the thinner people are more suitable because the pinstripes will look even more. slim. In terms of matching, you can choose ordinary solid color shirt and silk tie, or you can use a plaid shirt as shown in the model, giving a unique visual impact. 


Chalk Stripe

Chalk stripe, the effect of the underline is as wide as the chalk, and if you find that the stripes on the fabric look like chalk on the fabric, it must be Chalk Stripe. This kind of feeling is also classic. It can be worn with ordinary solid color shirts and pattern ties. 


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