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Article: Differences between wool and polyester suit

wool suit

Differences between wool and polyester suit

Wool and polyester are common fabrics used for suits. There are some big differences between wool suits and polyester suits.
 The Fabric Wool is a natural fiber from the hair of animals like sheep and alpacas. Wool is known for being warm, durable, and not getting wrinkled easily. 

Polyester is a synthetic fiber made from chemicals. Polyester resists wrinkles, keeps its color, and holds its shape.

Most people find wool more comfortable to wear, especially in cool weather. Wool breathes and helps control body temperature.

Polyester can feel hot and sticky when it's warm out. 


Wool is usually more durable than polyester. Wool is a strong, resilient fiber that lasts.

But polyester can also be durable if it's high quality and cared for properly.

Cost Wool suits tend to cost more than polyester ones. Wool is more expensive and takes more work to make into fabric and suits.

Wool is natural and biodegradable. Polyester is synthetic and made from chemicals.

Polyester takes hundreds of years to break down. So wool may be better for the environment.

In conclusion, wool suits are good for:
  • Cold weather - wool keeps you warm
  • A classic, tailored look
  • Soft feel against skin
  • Durability - lasts for years
Polyester suits are good for:
  • Hot, humid weather - breathes better
  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Holding its shape
For most people, we would recommend wool suits to be a great choice for versatility and comfort. But polyester works well in warmer climates or for a lower budget option.

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