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Article: Winter Getaways | 5 Beautiful Tropical Places

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Winter Getaways | 5 Beautiful Tropical Places

Every winter, when you have frostbite and a bitterly cold wind, you may start to fantasize about going to the beach for a vacation. "I want to sit on the Caribbean beach and bury my ankles in the soft sand" - you are not the only one who thinks so. Even if your budget is tight, this can be achieved. Traveling to the Caribbean will not make you bleed, you just need to make a good choice.

Some islands are known for their comfortable and pristine beaches, some with mountainous landscapes and lush tropical rainforests, as well as adventures such as slings and hiking. Which places will be the most cost-effective this year? So, we listed the following 5 places to visit the Caribbean this winter. Keep looking down and find paradise in your heart.

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1. Martinique
If you want to spend a day at the beach and then go hiking in the rainforest, consider considering Martinique. Martinique is part of the Lesser Antilles. Come here, don't miss the sleeping volcano Pirelli volcano towering in St. Pierre. The natives of Martinique speak French, and its diversity is not only reflected in its view but also a large number of land and sea activities. Martinique's cuisine is full of Creole and Caribbean flavors, live music, and elegant French fashion, all of which make this tropical island worth visiting. Visitors can head to Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique, with shops, restaurants, clubs and other attractions. Despite these characteristics, Martinique has not yet become a popular tourist destination, which means that Martinique is not crowded. There are some luxury resorts and villas, and there are many good hotels. The icing on the cake is that Martinique is one of the safest travel destinations in the Caribbean.

2. Puerto Rico

In the same blue sky in Puerto Rico, large shopping malls, golf courses, casinos, and tropical rainforests, white sand beaches, colorful colonial buildings, and well-preserved 15th-century Spanish castles coexist. In other words, whether you are looking for a quiet place or want to come to a rave party, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean island, can satisfy your wishes. In addition, because this is the unincorporated territory of the United States, American tourists do not have to worry about the troubles caused by international travel. There is no all-inclusive resort here, but it is easy to find cheap hotels.

3. Curacao

Curacao's hotels are inexpensive and there are many hotels below average, and the climate is almost perfect. Curaçao is a Dutch Caribbean island, close to the northern part of Venezuela, like a sea of pearls, not as crowded as the rest of the Caribbean. But Curaçao has a large airport with dense flights and low prices. The perfect beach like a postcard makes it a popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. The capital city of William, a colonial-style building, is worth a shot, as well as the Queen Emma Bridge and other cultural attractions.

4. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is similar in character to southern neighboring Costa Rica, but it is not well known. There are lush tropical rainforests, white sandy beaches, volcanoes and a variety of wildlife. Many backpackers and adventurers love Nicaragua, which was once a Spanish colony, with some churches and squares in Granada and Leon. Every day, visitors may meet local people riding horses, sitting in horse-drawn carriages, passing by the street, selling fruit mangoes and “purchasing spies” (a popular snack in the local area, sour) There are also lively street carnivals, which are all worth looking forward to. By the way, have we forgotten to say that almost everything here, including food, transportation, and hotels is cheaper than Costa Rica.

5. Guadeloupe

The Guadeloupe Islands (also known as "Butterfly Island") have beautiful views of the beautiful beaches and towering volcanoes. On the east side is Grande-Terre, famous for its silky white sand, blue-green waters and water sports such as snorkeling and diving. On the west side is Basse-Terre, where the Guadeloupe National Park and the Soufriere active volcano are located. Guadeloupe's exotic blend of French and Caribbean culture. There is a first class hotel with an average price of around $380/night. Try Caraib’Bay, just a 10-minute walk from Grand Anse Beach and dotted with tropical fruit trees.

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