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Article: What Kind Of Suit Is An Ideal Travel Suit?

travel suit for men
Men's Suit

What Kind Of Suit Is An Ideal Travel Suit?


In today's fast-developing society, people always need to go out for various reasons, so we are traveling to work or events, we need to wear suits. The problem is suits are difficult to care especially during travel - no matter how big the travel luggage is. 

What kind of suit can still keep in shape after the suitcase squeezed? When you are out, you may not want to wear a suit on the road, but you need to pack a suitcase in the suitcase. Then the problem comes. Once the suit is boxed, it will face the risk of wrinkling it, so you will be in a completely new place and looking for iron services. 

Solution: Choose fabrics that are loose and elastic, such as extreme wrinkle resistance.


Bova Collection - Stretch Suit 2 Piece Gray Glen Plaid Regular Fit

Bova Collection - Stretch Suit 2 Piece Blue Glen Plaid Regular Fit

What kind of suit is very durable and don't need to be used for dry cleaning?

If your job requires frequent business trips, then there is a good chance that you will not have time to wait for your suit to be dry cleaned in the same city (not to mention that most laundry shops will only use the dry cleaning agent with carcinogens and do not know the correct ironing method. You have a suit, a high-quality dry cleaner and a laundry with the right ironing method.) You need your suit fabric to be very resistant to wrinkles and can be worn many times on a trip. It is still kept clean and fresh.

Solution: The suit made of sorghum plain woven fabric has good breathability, won't let you sweat even in a tropical environment, and has a good self-cleaning function.


Alexander Collection - Blue Double Breasted 2 Piece Suit Regular Fit Glen Plaid


Nautilus Collection - Regular Fit Men's Suit 3 Piece 2 Button 


Sovana Collection - Regular Fit 3 Piece Suit 2 Button Tone on Tone Stripe 


This is the suit that can save you at least one professional dry cleaning fee every year, but if you are unfortunately soiled, try cleaning it with a damp cloth.  

What color suit is the most versatile and practical for travel? When you go out to work and have fun, such as meetings or weddings, and after a meeting with friends, you may only need a suit but need to play its biggest purpose.

Solution: Choose a navy or gray suit with a soft structure that is not fully lined and shoulderless.

A navy or gray suit can handle all formal occasions. If it's a thin structure, such as a thin shoulder pad and padding, you can also use a single top with beige twill pants or light gray pants create eate slightly casual outfit.


Monte Carlo Collection - Regular Fit 2 Piece 2 Button Textured Weave In Blue


Monte Carlo Collection - Regular Fit 2 Piece 2 Button Textured Weave In Gray

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