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Article: Spring Trends | Introduce The Dress Blazers

spring fashion for men

Spring Trends | Introduce The Dress Blazers

Presumably, in your closet, there must be a suit that is colorful and fancy patterns in style, suitable for wearing in this springtime. These suits are not only elegant in color, semi-lining or unlined design, high-grade handcrafted and sophisticated tailoring, making you look more casual and natural, ideal for work or attending informal occasions. The elegant one-piece suit is not difficult to match. The most important thing to note is the choice of color. The key is to choose shirts, trousers, and accessories with the same color. Imagine a pink-blue suit jacket with black formal trousers. It must be a matter of scenery. If you change it into a camel wool trousers or denim trousers, you will definitely see it. Get up and feel refreshed.

spring blazer for men

spring blazer for male

floral blazer for men

fashion blazer for men

The solid color blazer is one of the most traditional men's one-piece suits. This suit is the most wearable, easy to match and can be used for many wearing occasions. It is said that the earliest deep blue suits were designed to facilitate the movement of British gentlemen. 

velvet blazer for men

Black suits are not only practical, but they are also widely worn, and they tend to make you look thinner and younger. Presumably, you must not have a black one-piece suit in your closet, but if you wear it, you may look like a hotel waiter. The key to the problem is the choice and matching of styles. In terms of style, it is recommended that you wear a double-button suit with a tailored fit. The hem should not be too long, so it is easy to look old and drag. When pairing, pay attention to keeping the color of the upper and lower body clothing as consistent as possible. Wearing blue jeans is undoubtedly an insurance and easy to control. The upper body is as simple and succinct as possible. A white shirt or a T-shirt is simple and easy to watch. It is a good choice. At the foot, it is recommended to match the most popular Sneaker sneakers of this season, in color or black and white.

fashion blazer

Plaid is a more difficult to control pattern, especially this colorful checkered suit. However, if properly matched, the plaid will give you the effect of surprise yourself! When paired with a plaid casual top, the summer dress can be paired with a pair of jeans or a pair of wool trousers. The color is light and practical. For shirts, you can choose a solid or checkered shirt. Note that the plaid of the shirt must be very small and very light. It is difficult to match the large squares. Secondly, the thick striped shirt should not be easily matched with the big checkered suit, which is easy to give you a mess! If you must wear a tie, please use a knit tie, the color can be dark blue or brown and other classic and low-color so that you can "press" the large square suit with bright colors.

fashion suit for meen


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