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Article: Suits In Movies

suits in movies

Suits In Movies

If you want to choose the greatest invention in the history of human clothing, suits will definitely be selected. This is a set of magical clothes that can make the ordinary men become extraordinary and make the extraordinary male gods sparkle. Of course, the former is not within the scope of our discussion today. Our eyes are always focused. On the male gods.

Below, let our editor come to you to count down, those who are stunning in the movie of our suit men.

suits in movies

Daniel Craig

"007: Breaking the Sky to Kill the Machine"

To say that the best-known dress agent is non-007, he is cold but passionate, resourceful and brave, always able to save his life in the most dangerous times, and always be able to marry a romantic love. The 007 series were all handsome guys, coupled with sexy and beautiful Bonnie girls, as well as exciting exciting story, so that the 007 series movie is still loved by fans. After the first 007 movie was released on October 5, 1962, the 007 movie series swept the world, and it has survived for more than 50 years.


There are certainly more than one film series about a suit agent. If you are a regular person who will enter a movie theater, you will not be unfamiliar with the film. On a certain level, this film is a "007 version. "My Fair Lady" (if you read My Fair Lady), tells the story of an old agent transforming a street bully into a new agent. So, how best to embody the word “reform” is to put him in a suit first:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

This film is a token of Pitt and Julie's, and is also a work destined to be named in the history of the film. The story of the film itself is interesting enough. It tells the story of the two agents who met each other and fell in love. Then they discovered that the goal was a series of bizarre and funny stories that happened after the other person.

Ryan Gosling

"La La Land"

If you haven't seen this movie that Oscar blew up last year, then we had to say, you may not really like watching movies. The City of Philharmonic tells the story of a jazz pianist and a dream-loving actress. It was ranked 3rd in the 2017 Top 10 2017 films by Empire magazine.

Summary: Appreciating a suit male god may cause you to have a slight dissatisfaction with your boyfriend. It doesn't matter if the transformation starts today. It would be better to buy a suit for him. Maybe he put on a suit and becomes your dream lover. Look like.

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