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Article: Forget All Dark Winter Colors, Light Up The Spring | Suits Outlets

winter fashion for men

Forget All Dark Winter Colors, Light Up The Spring | Suits Outlets

From Milan Men's Wear Week and other shows have revealed a trend, in addition to the classic colors like gray, black and blue, light papaya orange, light lemon yellow, green apple green, hydrangea pollen purple ... sweet candy color is no longer exclusive for women, men The suit can also be lit up.

Bright suits are quietly popular

winter fashion for men

As a typical representative of formal dresses, suits are often chosen to attend a variety of must-have items for business occasions, so gray-black is also the mainstream color of the orthodox suit. In fact, not all suits will make you look very formal. It is already popular to wear suits at work. And even some business suits that look very formal have begun to get rid of the old colors and began to boldly use bright colors such as matte and bright yellow.

Who said that candy color must be exclusive to women! In Milan Men's Week, the suit jacket began to appear more rich colors, mustard yellow, grass green, sky blue, and other colors also played high-profile.

However, most men now dare not try pink business suits. Mr. Huang, who works in a public relations company, is one of them. "I don't feel calm enough in such a color. It doesn't seem to suit my career." Mr. Yang, who is already the manager of a leather goods company, has the same concern. "The color is too bright." It doesn't look too stable. I can go out to a party at ordinary times. I still feel wrong when I go to talk about business."

For the confusion of consumers, the professionals have given the following answers: “The bright and elegant colors are more suitable for spring and summer wear, and the tailoring and fabrics of these suits are also especially suitable for seasonal wear, such as the West is mostly half-lined. Some are even unlined, which guarantees the comfort of summer suits. In fact, as long as it is not a speech or some important meeting, it is no problem to choose a suit with a little brighter color, so that it can show consumers' own fashion tastes."

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