Florence Fashion Week FW19 | How To Dress Like An Italian

Suits wearing are definitely an important subject for men, but Italian men seem to be able to wear the elegance of a suit by nature. This time, there are a few men's looks recommendations to look at the elegant suits of Italian men.

The Italian man's dress attitude is simple and comfortable, while the body exudes an elegance. As a soul of the shape, a checkered pattern is very fashionable. It is lined with plain clothing and hand-made shoes, which naturally reveals the taste.


When men wear suits, they usually choose black and blue colors, but the Italians prefer a suit with a brown color, a brown suit with a brown down vest, which can keep warm and elegant. Paired with beige trousers to create a layered feel.


 italian fashion

Fashion Week Street shoots of Johannes Huebl. Although not an Italian, but also wearing a suit should have the feeling, dark brown suit with a white shirt and tie, with a camel-colored sash, with a scent grid.

An impressive shape, often in addition to clothing, accessories are also very important, a set of Pin Stripe's western assembly lined with a very rich pattern of scarves, this attachment to the details has become fashionable.


A separate suit is more difficult to control, but in fact, as long as the dark color is matched with a light color, it is not too difficult to control. For example, the green checkered suit in the picture is matched with white trousers to create a very lining feeling. With an elegant blue long coat, Italian fashion it is. 


You may also choose to wear a shawl collar suit with a winter coat, all you need to match is a piece of simple shirt and tie - all of that will integrate your look to a new level, which is totally worth a try. 


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James February 20, 2019

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