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Article: Something's hidden in your little pocket square

pocket square

Something's hidden in your little pocket square

There are countless ways for women to decorate themselves,  but many people may neglect the truth that for men, details matter - elegance and exquisiteness of a man are hidden in a little pocket square.


The earliest prototype of the pocket square was square handkerchief used only by the nobles. Later, with the popularity of the men's two-piece suit, this square handkerchief gradually evolved into a symbol on gentleman's chest and be presented with different shapes becomes a low-key embellishment. 

The correct insertion of the silk flower is inserted in the buttonhole on the left side of the suit, like this button. This buttonhole is called boutonniere. 


On some important occasions, the gentlemen wear the silk flower on this buttonhole, which is the finishing touch to add a sense of grandness and charm. Bond knows this very well.


 The formal grand occasion of the wedding, not to mention the embellishment of the flowers.


How should the pocket square be worn? How to fold this small piece of square to enhance your temperament? There are so many complicated ways of folding it, here are some most common and easy ways: 

1. Presidential 

The presidential folding method is the simplest, most basic and most versatile pocket towel posture. It is folded to fit the width and then inserted into the pocket. Finally, the length of 1 cm is exposed.



2. Single Peak

A simple and elegant way of folding, common on business occasions. First, fold the square in half, then fold the sides of the obtained regular triangle together, the bottom is best folded inward, and then put the pocket into the height to reveal the height.



3. Two Peaks

It is also a common daily folding method. Fold the pocket towel square into a triangle. When folding, pay attention to the staggered edge to form two sharp corners. Then fold the sides to the appropriate width and insert into the pocket.



 4. Three Peaks

Compared with the single peak and two peaks folding methods used in daily life, the three peaks are more suitable for people with status to match the formal suit, which is a gas field bonus. As shown in the figure, you can get three peaks by folding the edge a few times.



 5. The Puff

This folding method is also called natural pleat type, which looks very casual, but there is also a random luxury feel. The folding method is to grab the center of the kerchief, like holding the ice cream cone, to collect it, and finally to align the folds.


☞ Color

You can use the color method, choose a pocket square that is matched with the color of the tie, the style does not need to be the same, but the color tone can be synchronized, it looks very neat and there is a sense of harmony.


Also, you may match the pocket square with the color of the dress shirts - that looks good too.


If you want to stand out in a crowd, you can choose contrasting colors, but in order to avoid being too cumbersome and colorful, you can add some color elements on the basis of contrast.



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