Atlantis Collection - Burgundy Regular Fit Double Breasted 2 Piece Suit

Item ID: SO1DPP-Burgundy
$125.95 $279
  • Regular Fit
  • 2 Piece includes Blazer and Pants
  • Solid Color
  • Double Breasted 3x2 Buttons
  • Double Pleated Pants, Un-Hemmed Pants Bottoms for Alteration Ease
  • More Colors Available

 About Atlantis Collection

There's an Atlantis in every man's heart. First introduced by Plato in his work Timaeus and Critias, for thousands of years, the myth of Atlantis intrigued brave men into exploring for this myth as well as treasure. Suits Outlets Atlantis Collection is designed for all men with a brave heart, exploring this modern world and would never be defeated.

100% Polyester, Wrinkle Resistant
Care Instructions
Dry Clean Only
Package Dimensions
20 x 16 x 2 Inches
Shipping Weight
3 Pound(s)
Place of Design
New York City, US
Place of Manufacture


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Beautiful fit

My question to are you going to be carrying Tweed suits as well as regular wool and polyester is now fall of the year and that's one of my biggest topics you get nice quality merchandise that you pushed through for people like myself to purchase I have bought so many of your suits which I love each and every one of them because of the fit it's got a nice cut to it so if so please send me an email stating or surprise me on your website with the Tweed wool blend suits because it is Fall of the year and I would love to rock some of the Tweed suits well with a 3 button to button or double-breasted keep me on my toes I would appreciate it I love your product thank you and looking forward as you know doing more business with you throughout the season


I am very pleased with my suit.


Very nice. second order.