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Portly Fit

This portly fit collection fits men with bigger bodies well. They look good and feel comfortable. This collection introduces good materials and new ways to tailor. From how we cut to how we finish, every detail makes our suits fit nicely. We also provide a collection of suits with flexible waistbands.

Because we choose the best material for this collection, the good materials and buildings mean they hold up. If you need one suit or many years, we've got you covered. Our suits elevate your style.

Portly suits have extra room in the chest, waist, and shoulders. They are also a bit longer than regular suits. Not all portly suits are long enough for men who need extra length. They are good for work and events. They make you look confident and professional. If you are a bigger man who needs a well-fitting suit, try a portly fit. It will fit your body while looking professional.