Portly Fit

In general, portly suits are cut to be roomier in the chest, waist, and shoulders. Like classic fit, they’re also longer in length (about an inch or so) than regular suits. It’s important to note that not all portly fit suits are long enough to accommodate a man who needs extra length. This type of suit is ideal for men who have a larger frame. It’s especially useful for those who work in a professional setting were carrying extra weight is not uncommon. You should also consider wearing it to formal events or interviews, as it will give you an air of confidence and professionalism. If you’re a larger man and need a suit that fits well, you should consider buying one in the portly fit category. It will provide plenty of room for your body shape while maintaining the professional look that you want to achieve. If you’re looking for a suit that fits well but doesn’t look like it was made for someone else, then you should consider buying one in the slim fit category. It will hug your body shape while maintaining a professional appearance. Slim-fit suits can be worn by both men and women, although they tend to look best on those with slender builds.