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Pinch Hats

Pinch hats are classic hats with a creased or pinched crown. The top of the hat folds down. This style has been popular for hundreds of years. Many people have worn pinch hats, like cowboys, politicians, and movie stars.

Pinch hats first became popular in the 1800s. British upper class would pinch their top hats to look fancier. Then the style spread to America and the West. One iconic hat is the cowboy hat. Stetson was a company that made pinch cowboy hats starting in 1865. Their hats with pinched crowns and wide brims became part of the cowboy look.

There are many kinds of pinch hats - fedoras, pork pies, bowlers, and more. The pinch can be subtle or bold. Some hats just pinch in the front. Others have intricate pinches all over.