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English Laundry

English Laundry is a British clothing brand. It is inspired by London's rock and roll history. Their clothes have quality craftsmanship. The exotic nightlife also influences the designs. English Laundry is for confident, unique men. They care about detail and design. This makes their outfits stand out.

English Laundry wants to make special, elegant clothes. They understand men's fashion. Their detailed, handmade items are different than others. They use fine fabrics. Their clothes have unique details. This lets men show bold, transparent confidence.

English Laundry makes apparel and men's accessories. They mix colors and patterns from the 60s and 70s rock star look. But the styles work for modern men too. Their inspiration is the refined gentleman. But the clothes are edgy and unique. You can wear them anywhere, anytime. English Laundry is for today's man who wants stylish originality. The extensive clothing line adds flair. It takes outfits to the next level. With quality fabrics and distinct details, English Laundry has arrogance and confidence.