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men's fashion trend

A Look into Men's Fashion Trends in 2023

men's fashion trend

A Look into Men's Fashion Trends in 2023

Lately, more men's clothes are made to help the Earth. Men want clothes that don't hurt nature. They check what clothes are made of. This green trend will keep going. More men care about their clot...

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valentine's day suit

How to wear a suit on Valentine's Day in New York City

A dark suit works well for a formal Valentine's date in New York. Accessorize for the cold. Make sure to pick an outfit based on the location and plans. Fancy or casual, you want to look sharp but ...

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mlk day suit

How to wear a suit on Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day is a time to reflect on the legacy of Dr. King, and the work he did for equality in the United States.

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wedding trend 2024

Wedding Trend 2024

It is difficult to predict specific wedding trends for 2024 as trends are constantly evolving and can be influenced by a variety of factors. However, here are a few potential wedding trends that yo...

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wool suit

Differences between wool and polyester suit

Wool and polyester are two popular fabrics that are commonly used to make suits. Here are some key differences between wool suits and polyester suits.

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banded collar
Church Suit

How to wear a banded collar shirt

Banded collar shirts, also known as mandarin collar shirts, are a type of shirt that features a narrow, upright collar that stands up around the neck without a fold or crease.

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how to wear french cuff shirt
Dress Shirt

Fashionable Men: How To Wear A French Cuff Dress Shirt

This article gives some recommendations on how to wear a French cuff dress shirt, a style made popular in the early 19th century, which is characterized by its sharply pointed collar, single-button...

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holiday fashion 2022
Fashion Accessories

The ultimate men's guide for wearing in 2022 holiday season

The 2022 holiday season is here, and so are the winter weather patterns. The cold wind and snow falling to the ground finally signal the arrival of this time of year, but not everyone finds it deli...

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winter fashion 2022
Fashion Trend

2022 Winter Fashion for Men

When the winter weather hits, stay warm and fashionable with stylish men's winter clothes. Layer up with modern pieces that go beyond your standard flannel shirt and beanie.

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halloween fashion
Fashion in United States

Everything you need to know about wearing on Halloween

Follow these tips and your suit will make you the best dressed at any Halloween party. You'll look mature and attractive but also fun. A well-chosen suit is a simple way to create an awesome costum...

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