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Article: What to Wear for a Prom Night to Remember

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What to Wear for a Prom Night to Remember

First thing's first, peep your school's prom dress code. Most schools want formal or black-tie outfits. Formal can be suits, tuxes, dinner jackets - dressy stuff. Prom is fancier than homecoming or winter dances, so go all out if you want. If it says black-tie, rock a tux with a bow tie - that's the classic prom look. If it just says formal or semi-formal, skip the tux and snag a nice suit or dinner jacket instead. Dressy casual with khakis probably won't fly. Schools may ban sneakers, hats, etc. Up to you how strict to follow the rules, but they may not let you in if you ignore them.

Also think about the theme if there is one. Decade themes can inspire vintage suit ideas. If it fits a time period, look up clothes from then. Coordinate with your date too. Match your tie, vest, pocket square to their dress. If you both wear suits, go matching or complementing colors with coordinated accessories.

Now for the outfit options, tuxedos are the most formal. Usually worn with a bow tie, vest or cummerbund. Classic black or blue, but colors and patterns are cool too. Renting is cheaper than buying. Suits are dressy but less formal. Neckties work instead of bow ties. Play it up with accessories or keep it simple. Buy a nice one and get it tailored for future use too. Dinner jackets have shawl lapels and fun prints/patterns. Makes a bold statement. Contrast colored pants look cool. Loafers work with this modern look. Can rent or buy. No matter what, focus on fit. Get help in-store or use online sizing tools. With the right look and fit, you'll rock prom in style!

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