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Article: 10 Can't-Miss Collections This Black Friday!

holiday suit for men

10 Can't-Miss Collections This Black Friday!

It's Black Friday, It's the hottest shopping time! Before you go ahead and dive in all these online shopping lists and struggling what to buy, I am here to help you get some shopping ideas to make this process a lot easy. Introduce 10 Collections You Can't-Miss: 

1. Nautilus Collection

This collection contains 3 pieces suit with good structure -  sophisticated, charming and elegant. They are regular fit, designed can be worn all seasons. Sharkskin texture - add a little shine and stylish. 

sharkskin suit for men


2. Renaissance Collection

Renaissance, the period immediately following the Middle Ages in Europe saw a great revival of interest in the classical learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome. This beautifully designed Glen Plaid suit with a double-breasted vest, subtle but elegance, let Renaissance Collection brings you the best from that classical spirit.  

fashion suit for men



3. Portofino Collection 

Portofino is an Italian fishing village and holiday resort famous for its picturesque harbor and historical association with celebrity and artistic visitors. It is a commune located in the Metropolitan City of Genoa on the Italian Riviera. The town is clustered around its small harbor and is known for the colorfully painted buildings that line the shore.

stripe suit for men


4. Mont Blanc Collection 

Italian Monte Bianco, Being the highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc is a symbol in Europe representing the highest standard and ultimate value. Suits Outlets is proud to introduce Mont Blanc Collection with exquisite design, precise cut, and affordable price.  

red suit for men

5. Master Collection

Master Collection, inspired by Master Bruce Lee Suit. Featuring mandarin/banded collar and fitted cut. We create a unique combination of eastern elements(Nehru Suit,  Chinese Collar) and the United States cutting. So you will not be too tight while wearing this stylish piece. Premium fabricated with modern polyester and rayon. Will last for years and keep in good structure.

black suit for men

6. Sovana Collection 

Impossibly picturesque and perfectly preserved, it’s easy to fall for the quaint charms of Sovana. This beautiful tone on tone stripe suit includes blazer, vest, and pants. Stylish and charming lifestyle with Sovana Suit. 

black stripe suit for men

7. Bacchus Collection

Bacchus was the Roman god of agriculture, wine, and fertility copied from the Greek god Dionysus. This collection features classic fitting suit with various colors to choose from.

black suit

8. Ramses Collection

Timeless, elegant, polished. That's how double-breasted suit describes a man. Comfortable to wear to fit both work and vacation mood. This classic 2 piece dress suit is the masterpiece of the outfit - everything is built around it.  It is paired with relaxed daytime pieces that effortlessly transition to evening. 

gray suit for men

9. Alexander Collection

Alexander the Great the Macedonian king who defeated his Persian colleague Darius III Codomannus and conquered the Achaemenid Empire. This signature suit collection represents a combination of the classic and the elegant. Alexander Collection is absolutely a good choice for any modern gentleman.

windowpane suit

10. Milan Collection

The city has been recognized as the world's fashion and the design capital. Thanks to several international events and fairs, including Milan Fashion Week and the Milan Furniture Fair, which are currently among the world's biggest in terms of revenue, visitors and growth. This overcoat has beautiful cutting and comfortable fabric texture keep you warm and stylish all in one. 

coat for men

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I was unable to fill out the review form on the Alexander Collection-Gray Double Breasted 2 piece suit via email. This is my first ever Double Breasted suit. And I ordered another Double Breasted 2 piece in a different color. Five Stars Review on the Gray Suit. Very nice suit.


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