There are two essential components when it comes to buying a suit: fit and size. Fit is the overall shape of that particular suit. Size is the number inside your jacket. You are welcomed to use our Suit Size Estimator Online


suit size chart







1. All suits at Suits Outlets are the ready-to-wear suit. Keep in mind that you might need some additional tailoring to meet perfect fitting needs.

2. The 3 things to consider for ready-to-wear suits are shoulder width, chest and waist circumference and fit, make sure all parts are not too tight nor too lax, after the placket buckle on the vertical can be more than 3 fingers can be the gap.

3. Such as the high demand for pants on the hip and thigh preferred pants, because the waist and pants length is relatively easy to modify some. If the requirement is not high, the preferred pants for the waistband are preferred.

4. After you purchase a suit, the sleeve length, blazer length, waist, pants length are all easily changeable with a local tailor. So don't worry about these numbers if there's some difference(within 3 inches) to your exact size.