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Operations Research Specialist

Herald East Inc. (193 Horton Avenue, Lynbrook, NY) is looking for a qualified candidate to fill in the position of Operations Research Specialist.

Job duties: Conduct research and gather relevant data and information on Suits Outlets business procedure and management via the company’s internal databases, customers’ queries and feedback, and analyze the collected data (including performing comprehensive analytics on simulation data) by utilizing statistical software and applying quantitative analysis to identify Suits Outlets’ business problems or improvement; Conduct competitor analysis on their prices, sales, services, market share, quality, durability, social image, brand management and other feathers and translate complex data and findings into tables, graphs and written reports; Monitor and forecast marketing and sales trends by gathering data on customers, competitors, and market conditions as well as implementing and testing marketing algorithms with linear algebra, probability, and statistics; Provide intelligence and guidance with regard to optimal marketing mix execution to generate new leads and to move existing pipeline based on data science, including searching and incorporating algorithms in a generalized code and optimizing algorithm performance, as well as assessing the limitations of the MATLAB network environment; Devise and evaluate methods for collecting data, such as surveys, questionnaires and customer feedbacks, reviews, or arrange to obtain existing data; Responsible for New Product Development Research, including keywords generation, data collection from various sources, and final data integration to identify products’ demand, trends and allocation, followed by recommendations to Suits Outlets’ senior management; Improve and optimize product offerings, listings and other marketing materials based on the findings from competitive analysis, sales reports and data on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits; Develop macros in VBA for preparing data feeds and daily operations to continuously improve the efficiency of business procedures; Identify new business opportunities by collecting and analyzing data on product trends, market needs, Suits Outlets’ development demands, customer preferences and competition, and assist the formulation of business strategies for new products and adjustment plans for current product patterns; Provide Suits Outlets senior management with the statistics information and reports and spearhead in formulating multiple channels logistic plans by evaluating each channel’s order history, consumer purchasing behavior, and promotional styles; Monitor and measure the effectiveness of Suits Outlets’ marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies by analyzing influencing factors, advantages and disadvantages, and provide recommendations to the management, including recommending marketing budgets based on the results of statistical analysis; developing sales forecasting and product branding plans; and monitoring company’s expenditures and budgets via Google AdWords, Outbrain, Criteo, etc.

Qualifications: Master’s degree in Operations Research or a closely related quantitative field of study that provides statistical and mathematical knowledge.

Qualified candidates should mail in their resumes to Jinjie Ju at 193 Horton Avenue, Lynbrook, NY 11563.