Neptune Collection - Black Houndstooth 3 Piece Suit Slim Fit with Double Breasted Vest

Item ID: SO123HS-4-Black
$175.95 $486.95
  • Slim fit 
  • 3 piece suit with trimmed jacket with velvet lapel
  • Double breasted vest
  • Single breasted 2 buttons, Side Vents
  • Single pleated pants, un-hemmed bottoms for alteration ease
  • Houndstooth
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For the best fitting of this SLIM FIT cutting suit, please choose one size (2 inches) larger than your measured chest size. For example, if the chest size is 44", you’ll be ordering 46" Chest - 40 Waist.

    Fine Poly/Rayon/Velvet BlendWrinkle Resistant
    Care Instructions
    Dry Clean Only
    Package Dimensions
    20 x 16 x 2 Inches
    Shipping Weight
    3 Pound(s)
    Place of Design  New York City, US
    Place of Manufacture


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    Sunday Suit

    Everyone love the look and fit of the suit on me.

    Image consulant perspective

    Clothing in the world of an image consultant is the expressionless communication which is always noticed, always thought provoking, and always the stuff of fantasy. If it takes “clothes to make the man”, then it takes the image consultant to make the clothes, to fit that man’s fantasy. It’s a little known fact that people see you, before they meet you.
    The clothing available to men today combines the renaissance era contemporaneously flowing into the early to mid-twentieth century era of men’s fashion. The suit I recently purchased from your company was shockingly detailed, with vivid expressions of class, in a harmonious crescendo of individual style. The price; staggeringly reasonable, in this age of $30K watches on college grads, and $2500 jeans on high school freshmen. The suit is not pretentious as hounds tooth never is. It is amazing and cost conscious. To say it’s a bargain would identify myself as an ignoramus, to say it is the best bought suit by this image consultant in over a decade would simply be the truth.

    L.W. Charleston: Image Consultant @ Catherine Keers ~ Seattle WA

    Two Hond suit

    Nice suits