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Article: Is Double Breasted Suit A Good Idea for The Younger Generation?

double breasted suit

Is Double Breasted Suit A Good Idea for The Younger Generation?

The movie "Kingsman" has become a bible for teaching entry-level suit lovers how to dress us as a true gentleman. In the movie, half of the time everyone's wearing double-breasted suits. While some became fans of DB suits, a lot of people argue the DB suits are not a good fit for the young generation because it makes people look much older than they actually are.

double breasted suit 

The major question of wearing a double-breasted suit is, people would look so much older than their age. Just take a look at the "Walking Bible" of suits, Price Charles. Do that look like something a "Prince" would wear?


Everyone says that the same tuxedo makes Charles a prince while makes me an H&M Model. That's true. And here are some advice you may need some day wearing a double-breasted suit.

1. Choose the "Young" Colors

Black and charcoal would imply the older generation or seriously occasions by nature. So if you are under 35 and looking for a double-breasted suit, please choose lighter colors such as sky blue or light gray.


2. Use Your Pocket Square

A smart way to make little extra effort while getting the most is to choose a fancy pocket square. It would immediately turn your entire outfit into a fashion.


3. Choose Plaid Design

It is boring to wear a solid color suit, and it is the same for double-breasted design as well. So make sure you select a modern plaid design on your next double-breasted suit.


4. Match with Your Loafer

If it's a summer suit, just wear it like it's summer! Choosing a loafer is a great idea to get a lot of attention and compliments.


These are 4 tips that you can use when choosing a double-breasted suit. Since it's back in fashion this summer, we do hope this could help you when selecting the next outfit.



I think double breast suits look dam good in solids, strips, plaids, etc. It does not have anything to do with Ur age! It’s all in how U hook them Up with accessories, with color cordinations! I can make any suit look stylish two button, three button, single button it’s all in how U accessorize!

Louis S. Hackney

How do I place an order

Richard Hutchinson

Really appreciate the advice you are a connoisseur of true fashion.

Timothy Luster Sr

love this !!!!!

Sylvia Mostello

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