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Article: Winter Fashion Inspiration

winter fashion for men

Winter Fashion Inspiration

As winter comes, the idea of how to dress up well with a good weather-resistant fabric is the most important question people ask. A good simple solution is to wear the suit inside a trench coat, but how about the shirt and what's the best color mix plan? In this article, our editor Russel will discuss several options here.


As fabric matters the most for winter and holiday season suits. Depending on how cold it gets where you live, a heavy woven fabric always help you survive the wind and temperature changes. Also, make sure the blazer is fully lined and pants at least half lined. This means the suit provides an extra layer of protection which make a lot of difference.

 Popular fabrics include wool, cashmere, flannel, tweed, herringbone and high-tech polyester. Long story short, wool and cashmere are the most popular fabrics. Fannel, herringbone and tweed can be really stylish. The current most popular fabric is high-tech polyester which most designer brands start promoting since 2018 winter. The problem of high-tech polyester is that it could be expensive due to the cost of the fabric itself. 



 In terms of color, we'll first take other people's choice for a reference.


With no surprise, most people selected "popular" colors such as black, navy, khaki, beige, etc. But are those all we can think of for winter? The answer is absolute NO.

 If you want to stay low key but keep your personality, we'd recommend hunter green/olive and cognac/brown.

Hunter Green Fabric

Hunter Green/Olive Suit

Cognac fabric

Cognac/Brown Suit


In color theory, these colors are called "Inspirational Colors", and they are described as "neutral, subtle, and complex". These colors give you enough option to choose other colors for mix and match while keeping your own personality.


winter fashion for men

For very formal occasions, the tradition is to wear the suit inside raglan. But since raglan is no longer popular in the market for a long time, people start to find other options such as Fishtail Parka.

But for everyday wear or family get-together occasions, a normal trenchcoat would be enough, which you'll take off as soon as you step inside the house. So we recommend paying more attention to the suit you wear, instead of the trenchcoat.

At last, just because it’s winter does not mean you can’t have fun with your style. Always try out new mix and matches will help you find the best look. Hope you can find your men's best winter look at Suits Outlets.

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I love the look of the 1930/40’s that is a very Kool look do you have those clothes. Newsboy hats baggage pant suit. ?

Eddie Smith

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