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Article: What Will Prince George’s Classmates Call Him?

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What Will Prince George’s Classmates Call Him?

By George! It feels like just yesterday that the royal family welcomed their baby heir. But here we are: Prince George’s first day of school. With his staple high socks, short shorts, and collared shirt, the 4-year-old prince is more than ready for life as a British private schoolboy.


As the future king enters academia, there’s been one question on our mind: what name will be shouted during role call? Prince George—much like Madonna, Cher, and Tupac—is typically known by only his title and his first name. It’s a tradition that members of the British monarchy don’t need a surname. Since since 1960, the official Royal last name has been Mountbatten-Windsor, which is a compound of the Royal house name and Prince Philip’s pre-monarchy surname. And so, George Mountbatten-Windsor is the last name that many assumed the little prince would enroll to school with.

But wait! Prince George’s co-kindergarteners may not be referring to him as George M. (because you know there’s going to be more than one George in a classroom of posh little Londoners). Some sneaky detective work via photoshop’s zoom function reveals that the name hand written on Prince George’s backpack is “George Cambridge.”


IDK about you, but we can definitely picture the prince getting called on in class as “George C.” He’s like a young George Clooney.

In taking the last name Cambridge, George follows in the footsteps of his father—kind of. When Prince William and Prince Harry attended school, they used the last name Wales. Wales, of course, is the house of their parents, Diana, Princess of Wales, and Charles, Prince of Wales.

Before moving on, let’s pause and take a moment to appreciate this side by side of Prince George and Prince William’s first day of school.


Back to semantics: George, however, is not a Wales—he’s a Cambridge. After marrying, Prince William became William, Duke of Cambridge, making Prince George’s official title Prince of Cambridge.

So there you go. George, Prince of Cambridge, will be known by his classmates as the very normal name, George C.

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