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Article: No one can resist this holiday gift box

holiday gift box for men

No one can resist this holiday gift box

We all notice something's quite different this year. The Editorial Team has decided to work out with a gift list so that all of us can cheer up at the last 3 months of the year, with a haul of our favorite things.

1. All of Nicola Tesla's US Patents

If you ever missed Tesla's stock this March, you still get a chance to be the first to read full Tesla's story now. With €50, you got an entrance ticket to one of the limited 500 books in the first print run.


2. Headspace Subscription

If we learned anything this year, it’s the necessity of hand-washing and mind-centering. There're tons of events in this community: guided meditations, animations, articles and videos, all in the distinct Headspace style. The good news is that Headspace's offering first 2 weeks free, then 69.99/yr.


3. Caraa Facial Mask Set

Widely favored by fashion bloggers this year, Caraa is now providing more color/style options than ever. The company, started selling stylish bags, won its name with making facial masks. 


4. Razer Iskur

The most popular chair 2020. Claimed with be THE chair gamers have been waiting for, with high-tech fabric, 4D armrests, and lumbar support system covers the full curvature of the spine. Priced at $499.


5. Suits Outlets Gift Card

Nothings beats a holiday gift card for him. Over 2000 styles and daily sale going on, it's not just a gift card, but a entry ticket to a complete new world. Experience the true craftsmanship on suits for men.


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