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Article: I heard that you haven't figure yet what to wear this Halloween?

halloween fashion

I heard that you haven't figure yet what to wear this Halloween?

Fall is here, which means Halloween is close.  


What? too exaggerated? Maybe these ways of dressing are not for you, it doesn't matter. I know what you want - A little bit weird, without losing the gentleman's demeanor and in line with the festival atmosphere, without excessive exaggeration, it is also a suit, which will make you easily become the "star" on this year's Halloween party.

 halloween fashion

Everyone can hold the black


Karl Lagerfeld, fashion godfather, many people have imitated him including Roberto Cavalli, Josh Duhamel, and Kendall Jenner.

The look of Jared Padalecki in "Supernatural" looks witty and can be easily managed.


A vampire like Brad Pitt will still look gorgeous in hundred years time. 

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If you don't want to dress too crazy, black will not let you fall into any embarrassment, you can even go straight to work, or you can play a little more Halloween.

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Think about the clothes that you have always thought of but have no chance to wear - it's Halloween, no one will laugh at you. The more ancient, the more strange, the more stand out.


Well, just some ideas for you for this Halloween, in addition to playing crazy ghosts, those classic movies, bands, and art can be also the source of inspiration. Have fun and enjoy! 




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